Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ACT Vets Stromlo Crit - Breakaway Success

It was really hot yesterday at the ACT Vets CC Crit race.

I cooked up a breakaway plan with Andrew Sinclair on Saturday after the bakery ride, but he did not turn up! Still, I wanted to be aggressive, planning to get a breakaway going, it worked!

Mark Taylor made the race hard and John Chowns then made a break. I joined him, but it all come back together. John tried again, then I joined him with a few others, but it came back together after a few laps. Then i tried again and Richard Norris, John and Chris came with us, with Chris Nolan putting in some big turns. John and Chris went back to the bunch and I stayed away with Richard. He beat me in the sprint, but I was putting in very hard efforts to stay away. Looks like I'll get dragged to A grade! Bummer.

Mark Taylor and John Chowns were instrumental in the break, along with Chris Nolan who put some big turns in when the break was just starting. I’m sure he broke the spirit of the bunch