Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The passion of the bikes

Jim Trail writes about Ian Downing..........

Some pics and a story from our local ABC

A passion for bikes. We all had it once. Learning to ride is a rite of passage for most everyone when we're growing up, but somewhere along the line most of us misplace it.

Ian Downing is one man who has enough passion for cycling to sustain an entire peloton of non-cyclists. He not only rides, he lives bikes. His house is part workshop, part bike museum. He takes the kids to school by bike, does the grocery shopping by bike, in fact he lives his entire life by bike.

According to Ian, it's not the bicycle that makes cycling great, but the ride. His Nirvana is the ability to travel through the world in an accessible and low-impact way, doing something that's as relaxing as it is uplifting.

666 ABC Canberra's Jim Trail is not in his league, but in the first of a series on cycling Jim talked to Ian about the Passion of the Bikes.

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