Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fixed...not really? Sturmey Archer SX-3

Sturmey Archer blog is reporting the long-awaited 3-speed fixed cog system is finally to prototype. Made famous by Sheldon Brown is the SA ASC 3-speed fixed. The cogs are fixed - sure, but by the magic of internal gearing, there various speeds are fixed.

I have mixed feelings about this, especially now as I'm considering turning my Surly Steamroller into a single speed/fixed/crit racing and commute bike. It would be cool to have all the right mounts on the frame as well as I'm getting the rear brake and bottle mounts done.

It would be very handy to be able to ride to the crit on a fixed 74, switch using the flip flop to a single speed 90 and then ride bike home on an easy single speed gear.

I suppose I'll decide when Michelle is finished with my old track surly.

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